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Powder Coating Quality Control

It is Hydram Sheet Metalwork's objective to achieve the highest standard of quality and customer satisfaction.  This is supported by BS EN ISO 9001:2015 certification. 

Quality powder coating company

Hydram uses quality powders supplied by recognised manufacturers and processes components through a modern paint plant system with either three-stage or five-stage pre-treatment.  Regular quality checks are made (see below) along with stringent spot checks carried out at intervals by quality engineers.  Full traceability is maintained throughout.

Regular quality checks

  • Gloss Level - This ensures that the components are stoved correctly to specification.
  • Thickness Test - This checks that there is sufficient powder on the components to meet the protection requirements.
  • 100% Visual Checks - Visual checks are used to make sure the components are free from contamination and that the finish is even.
  • Adhesion Test - This destructive test is carried out on test plates that are processed with each batch of components. It tests that the powder has adhered to the parts correctly.

Plant maintenance

Plant maintenance is critical to the high quality finish on painted sheet metal components.  Of particular importance is general housekeeping and cleanliness (for which Hydram uses the 5S/5C methodology), thorough clean-downs between colours (controlled by documented Standard Operating Procedures) and regular checks of oven temperatures and pre-treatment agent concentration.

Avoiding contamination

The root cause of many common paint quality issues is contamination.  Heavy dust or dirt on the metal components or dust in the powder itself can cause unsightly inclusions on the finished surface.  Chemical contamination with silicone causes severe issues, with powder being repelled from affected area during the baking process, leaving "fish eye" bubbles on the finished surface.  Hydram's new painting facility is in a modern building, built specifically for finishing and assembly operations, and as such the risk of contamination is minimal.

Hydram - the precision sheet metal fabrication company.

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