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Batch Manufacture of Sheet Metal Products

Hydram Sheet Metalwork manufactures metal components in volumes from prototype runs to full production batches in the low thousands.

Precision sheet metal component supplier

Hydram's technical capabilities enable small to medium sized batches of precision sheet metal components to be manufactured efficiently.  Employing flexible CNC machinery with automation (including laser cutting, CNC punching, CNC pressbrakes and panel bending) and using the latest offline CADCAM programming packages enables even small batches to be handled swiftly and efficiently for our established customers with minimum set up times. 

Sheet metalwork batch manufacture

Setting up for larger batches Hydram controls cost by employing advanced nesting software to minimise material waste and employs highly productive automated cells from the leading machine tool manufacturers.

Hydram - the precision sheet metal fabrication company.

Recruitment Hydram Sheet Metalwork currently employs over 250 people in its precision sheet metal fabrication business and takes it commitment to staff training, development and retention very seriously.  See the current job vacancies available here. Read More >
Engineering Apprenticeships Hydram began delivering its own engineering apprenticeship programme in 2011.  Find out more on Hydram's engineering apprenticeships page. Read More >