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Roll Forming and Hydroforming

In June 2018 Hydram Engineering Ltd. became part of the Dynamic Aerospace and Defense group having its main headquarters in Michigan USA.

Roll Forming - offered by Dynamic Metals (US)

Roll Forming

Group company Dynamic Metals LLC is located in Elkhart, Indiana and includes roll forming amongst its capabilities. 

Unique among all metal forming methods, the roll forming procedure allows a flat strip of metal to be progressively formed into a complex one-piece shape in a single operation.  This process assures a smooth flow of material from the first to the last phase and allows maximum dimensional control to the finished part.  Roll forming presents engineers with the utmost in design flexibility, freeing them from conventional shapes.  The process also frequently eliminates costly secondary sub assembly and fabrication operations.

Hydroforming - offered by Gem City Metal Technologies (US)

Hydroformed Parts

Group company Gem City Metal Technologies is located in Dayton, Ohio and list Hydroforming amongst its many capabilities.

Hydroforming is a unique forming process that uses a rubber diaphragm or bladder as a universal female for all drawn parts.  The Hydroform produces exacting parts for all internal dimensions, with no outside tool marks that would be seen on a traditional steel on steel stamping process.

Parts are drawn into the rubber and produced through displacement pressure.  This means less costly tooling with shorter lead-times.  Most deep drawn parts are usually drawn in a single operation.  It is suited to exotic out-of-round shapes that spinning cannot produce. 

With the maximum blank size of 813mm (32 in.) and forming ranges in sheet stock from shim material up to 25 mm plate (1 in.).

The Dynamic Group

In June 2018 Hydram Engineering Ltd. became part of the Dynamic Aerospace and Defense group.  Dynamic is a privately-owned business with its main headquarters in Michigan, USA. Hydram is Dynamic’s first acquisition outside the US, joining Dynamic’s existing portfolio of companies based in the mid-west and having an established reputation, specialising in supplying precision metal components for the aerospace, defence, automotive and rail sectors.

Dynamic Metals

Located in Elkhart, Indiana, Dynamic Metals LLC is known for its expertise in complex shapes and tight tolerances. Possessing an impressive set of custom metal forming capabilities and utilising a wide range of innovative techniques, the company consistently strives to exceed the requirements set by its customers. 

Gem City Metal Technologies

Located in Dayton, Ohio, Gem City Metal Technologies LLC is recognised as a leader in close tolerance hand spinning. As a premier metal forming company, Gem City has expanded its capabilities to also include automatic and CNC metal spinning, laser cutting, high pressure hydroforming, and metal stamping and punching.

The Dynamic Group

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