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Sheet Metal Folding and Bending

Hydram Sheet Metalwork has a full range of precision metal forming facilities including CNC folding, CNC panel bending and NC rolling machines.

Sheet metal bending company

Sheet metal bending using Trumpf 7036 and TruBend 5085 pressbrakes 

Hydram has a total of 12 Pressbrakes rated up to 250 tonnes are capable of bending up to 4 metre lengths in mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium, used for folding precision sheet metal components.  

Panel bending machine:

salvagnini panel bending bender machine

Hydram also uses a Salvagnini P4Xe panel bender to complete its significant sheet metal folding capacity.

To assist in component design, Hydram has an advanced 3D CADCAM system to develop complex folded components and to model multiple-part assemblies.  CNC programs can be generated quickly offline and are stored electronically for future use.

How metal bending works:

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Sheet metal component design guide:

If you are involved in the design of sheet metal parts, you may also be interested in our Sheet Metal Component Design Guide, to help ensure that your designs are easy to manufacture, cost effective, and maintain maximum precision and quality.  

The full range of metal forming facilities including CNC folding, bending and rolling.  Just part of Hydram's precision sheet metal fabrication business.

Folded sheet metal plate components 

Hydram - the precision sheet metal fabrication company.

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