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Complex Assemblies and Metal Enclosures

Hydram Sheet Metalwork manufacures metal boxes, metal cabinets and metal enclosures for many industries.

Precision sheet metal fabrication supplier

Hydram's fabricated metal products range from relatively simple boxes to integrated units containing up to 200 subparts.  Customers for these types of sheet metal enclosures vary from the power generation industry to lighting, scientific equipment, communications and IT, vending, printing and ticketing machines and pressure washers.

sheet metal cabinet complex interior details

Sophisticated metal products

The management of complex metal assemblies during manufacture is handled by the latest sophisticated production and capacity planning software to ensure that tight schedules are met and all subparts are completed in time to be ready for assembly.

custom sheet metal cabinets fabricated sheet metal enclosures

Hydram - the precision sheet metal fabrication company.

Case Study

Production Planning & Scheduling Efficient management of a fast-moving, highly complex manufacturing facitily like Hydram Sheet Metalwork's, calls for sophisticated software assistance. Read More >

Latest News

Hydram Engineering Achieves Rail Bonding Standard DIN 6701 Hydram Engineering is pleased to announce that it has attained certification to Bonding Standard DIN 6701-2, the accreditation for the use of adhesive bonding in the manufacture of rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles. Read More >