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Defending High Quality Metalwork Standards

Hydram Sheet Metalwork adhears to the stringent quality requirements of the defence engineering sector, supplying precision sheet metal fabrications.

Precision sheet metal fabrication supplier

Hydram supplies prime contractors with sub-assemblies and metal fabrications for various military vehicles, military HVAC systems and heat shield products.  The company has a full understanding of the stringent quality requirements of the defence engineering sector.

assembly of sheet metal storage boxes

Certified metal fabrication company

Hydram also supplies metal products, components and fabrications to world leaders in the aerospace sector and in the manufacture of components for commercial and civil projects, aircraft and vehicles. 

Approved suppliers are used to provide quality raw materials and full material traceability is maintained throughout manufacture.

Hydram can be found in The British Defence Industry Directory (“BDID”) and is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Standard, the ISO ISO 3834-2 Welding Standardand the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard.

Quality assured sheet metal work  

The Dynamic Group

In June 2018 Hydram Engineering Ltd. became part of the Dynamic Aerospace and Defense group.  Dynamic has proven expertise in metal fabrication and assembly of some of the most demanding heavily armored military combat vehicle applications including the M-RAP, M-ATV, FMTV, HET, PLS, JLTV, HEMMETT and HUMMWE programs, supplying large bolt on subassemblies like transparent armor units, fenders, armor doors, weapon station kit components and suspension system side plates, as well as numerous smaller bracket assemblies.

The Dynamic Group

Latest News

Hydram Engineering Achieves Rail Bonding Standard DIN 6701 Hydram Engineering is pleased to announce that it has attained certification to Bonding Standard DIN 6701-2, the accreditation for the use of adhesive bonding in the manufacture of rail vehicles and parts of rail vehicles. Read More >