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Sheet Metal Company Invests in Salvagnini Panel Bender


One of the UK's largest sheet metal companies, Hydram Sheet Metalwork, installed a new Salvagnini P4Xe 2116 panel bender in November 2013.

The Salvagnini machine can process panels up to a maximum of 2180 mm long and form bends up to 165 mm high.  The major selling point of the machine is that automatic tool changing means that there is zero set up time.  It can be programmed by importing dxf files using offline software or at the machine by entering parameters.

The Salvagnini panel bender’s ability to switch from one job to the next in seconds makes it such an ideal machine for a subcontract supplier such as Hydram Sheet Metalwork.  Being able to work through medium sized batches without having to change tools has resulted in a great deal of time saving when it comes to sheet metal bending. Some jobs which previously took 2 men over an hour, can now be completed in less than 10 minutes!

Hydram’s Systems Technician, Robert Young, said, “The Salvagnini has been on our wanted list for some time now, and following a visit to see the machine bending our parts in Austria last year, it became clear of the benefits to the business.  The increase in work over the last few months has encouraged us to take the step to purchasing one. Since installation we have been more than impressed with the flexibility and efficiency of the panel bender. This machine will help us to give an even more complete service to our current customers and will hopefully attract new ones to Hydram.“

Leading sheet metal fabrication supplier

Hydram Sheet Metalwork is a leading supplier of sheet metal and tubular components, assemblies and light fabrications to customers throughout the UK employing over 200 people.  The leading fabrication company provides the full range of subcontract engineering services, including tube and sheet laser cutting, tube and sheet bending, fabrication, powder coating and assembly from its 115,000 sq ft factory in County Durham.  Hydram supplies components and sheet metal fabrications to market leading companies in industries such as shop-fitting and point of display, lighting, earth-moving machinery and white goods.

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