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New Machine Blasts into Hydram


As a continuation of a period of strong growth for the company, with recent investments in the form of a Salvagnini panel bending machine and factory extension to accommodate a new powder coating facility, County Durham-based Hydram Engineering has invested in a new Wheelabrator Shot Blaster machine.

New on-site Shot Blaster to improve service and quality

The HB 12/16 Overhead Rail Shot Blast Machine will – when compared to the current oxide removal processes – increase production speed, improve part quality and eliminate the need to outsource shot blasting.  This venture has yet further enhanced Hydram's stance as one of the UK’s largest sheet metal subcontractors.

Quality is Key

The shot blasting procedure, in which small steel pellets (abrasive) are continuously fired into the batch of parts at a high speed from a variety of angles, will also significantly improve part quality providing complete oxide removal. Additionally, the action of the abrasive pellets hitting the material improves cleanliness and fatigue strength of the part as well as surface roughness.  Parts finished this way will be less prone to cracking and paint adhesion will be improved.

Watch the new machine in action.

Improved Efficiency

The introduction of the new Shot Blaster has the potential to greatly improve production times for parts that are currently dependent on less efficient methods.  The Y-shape monorail system provides the ability to process one batch while the next batch is being prepared.  In addition, there will also be a significant reduction in labour input, with only manual loading and unloading required by the automated machine.

Sustained Growth

Commercial Manager Ivan Russell confirms this purchase will improve Hydram’s reputation as a complete manufacturing partner.  ‘The shot blasting machine will bring an important process in-house, helping to build upon Hydram’s reputation as a one-stop shop’, says Ivan.  ‘The new machine will improve quality and reduce delivery times, which are key requirements for Hydram’s growing customer portfolio’, he added.

Capacity – Shot Blast beats the past

The HB 12/16 Overhead Rail Shot Blast Machine is able to carry up to 400kg of parts on each hook, meaning large batches of parts can be completed in just a few minutes.  Moreover, the carrying hook permits a diameter of up to 1.2 metres and a length of up to 1.6 metres, meaning there is a wide variety of parts that are compatible with use of this machine.  The ability to shot blast welded assemblies is an enormous benefit to production times.

It is evident that the introduction of this new machine will improve the efficiency and quality of this manufacturing operation, thus aiding the flow of parts through the shop floor overall. This investment represents another step in the right direction for Hydram Engineering and indicates their commitment to world class service and quality.

Owen Jones

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