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Dynamic Metals commissions 8kW Fiber Laser


In February 2019 specialist subcontract metalwork supplier Dynamic Metals, LLC commissioned a brand-new Mitsubishi Electric ML3015 eX-F80 8 kilowatt fiber laser profiling machine at its factory in Elkhart, Indiana, USA.

The new fiber laser began its career at Dynamic profiling components from heavy gauge armour plate for the defence sector and thick aluminium for the transportation sector.  This investment is Dynamic Metal's second collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric, with its first being a 4kW fiber machine in late 2016.  The 4kW machine was highly successful and noted for its cutting performance and low maintenance requirements and it now has a home at Dynamic's sister company - Gem City Metal Technologies, LLC in Dayton, Ohio - which then made room for the new 8kW at Dynamic. 

Dynamic Metals also runs an Amada F0-MII 3015 4kW CO2 laser in its laser department where the production of heavy gauge metal profiles is common.  This emphasis on thicker materials made the decision to invest in the higher-powered laser straight forward thanks to the increased productivity provided by the extra power.  The machine is coupled to an automated material handling system complete with two loading and two unloading carts to maximise the machine's cutting time.

Referring to the developments at its sister company, Hydram’s Managing Director David Greatorex said, “I’m delighted to see continued investment in the latest technology amongst the Dynamic Group.  It shows our commitment to providing highly capable, productive processes that keep control of costs for our customers.”

Mitshubishi Laser eX-F80 installation


Mitsubishi Fiber Laser

Thin sheet metal can be cut particularly quickly with fiber lasers as the short wavelength of 1.07µm provides extremely high power density in the cutting zone and thus achieves outstanding efficiency. In short, the energy input into the metal is higher compared to that with CO2 lasers and so the cutting speed is faster. 

High-performance fiber lasers have a modular design where the source is made up of multiple fiber modules.  Each module has a number of laser diodes which “pump” the “active fiber” and generate a laser beam. These laser modules are grouped together and the combined laser beam is then guided via a flexible fiber optic cable from the laser source to the processing head of the laser cutting system.

A notable feature of the Mitsubishi laser is the Zoom Head.  This allows rapid adjustment of the beam properties to provide the optimum cutting conditions and quality so that changeovers between different thicknesses of sheet material are seamless.  The optics in Zoom Head are hermetically sealed to protect them from contamination during the rigours of everyday operation so that the maintenance requirement is minimised.


Mitshubishi Laser eX-F80 installation


About Dynamic Metals, LLC

Located in Elkhart, Indiana, Dynamic Metals, LLC is known for its expertise in complex shapes and tight tolerances.  Possessing an impressive set of custom metal forming capabilities and utilising a wide range of innovative techniques, the company consistently strives to exceed the requirements set by its customers. 

Amongst other capabilities Dynamic Metals has built a reputation for supplying complex fully painted and assembled metal fabrications to the US defence market and US transportation sector, utilising its laser cutting and robotic welding cells, and specialising in the use of armour plate and machined thick gauge aluminium sheet and extrusion.

About the Dynamic Group

Hydram Engineering Ltd. became part of the Dynamic Aerospace and Defense group in June 2018, a privately-owned business with its main headquarters in Michigan, USA.  Hydram is Dynamic’s first acquisition outside the US, joining an existing portfolio of companies based in the mid-west and having an established reputation, specialising in supplying precision metal components for the aerospace, defence, automotive and rail sectors.

As a group of tightly coordinated companies, Dynamic Aerospace and Defense is uniquely qualified to meet the technical and manufacturing challenges of its customers worldwide, with member companies holding certifications from a wide variety of organisations and tier 1 manufacturers including GE Aviation, Rolls Royce, TARDEC and Nadcap.

Recognised for excellence in metal forming and fabrication, the group is focused on providing engineered solutions for customers’ metal forming needs.