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Reducing and Controlling Costs

Hydram Sheet Metalwork has an established record of providing its customers with cost reductions.

Precision sheet metal fabrication supplier

The precision sheet metal fabrication company’s continuous improvement strategy allows improvements to be driven either directly from the shopfloor or through the formation of focused project teams.  Shopfloor exercises are performed periodically on a section by section basis to make general improvements across all production activities.

Cost reduction approaches

In specific customer cases, Hydram operates a tiered approach to cost reduction problem solving:

  • Existing Process Improvement:  This is the simplest and quickest method of improvement. This often involves simply observing the current process and looking opportunities to eliminate either wasted time or raw material.
  • Process Substitution / Replacement:  This method often requires agreement with the customer as altering the manufacturing process can have an impact on the product appearance or quality. The intention is to substitute or replace an existing expensive processing method with a quicker or cheaper one.
  • Product Improvement:  This method again requires agreement with the customer, as by definition, the nature of the product is altered in order to streamline the production process or save material. Suggestions are made whereby the minimum alteration can be made to provide maximum savings.
  • Investment in Automation:  Hydram has progressively been introducing automated machines onto the shop floor, including automated handling systems for punching and laser systems, robotic welding systems, CNC machining centres and powder coating systems.

Hydram - the precision sheet metal fabrication company.

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